About Us

Scoil Phadraig Naofa’s Special Needs Classes cater for boys and girls with a diagnosis of Autism aged between 3-12 years old. Children come to Scoil Phadraig Naofa from areas all over West Cork. Our ASD special needs classes are known as Early Years which is an early intervention class for students with ASD aged between 3-5 years, our other two classes are called Junior 1 and Junior 2, these classes are for students with ASD aged from 5-12 years old. The aim of the education provided in these classes is to allow all pupils develop to their full potential educationally, socially and emotionally. In all three ASD classes there is a teacher and two special needs assistants per class. West Cork Child Development Services and the Brothers of Charity provide speech and language, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and psychological services to the special classes. Scoil Phadraig Naofa is very fortunate as it is near all main amenities and within walking distance to the local church, park, swimming pool, library, shops and restaurants.


Parents should contact their local Special Education Needs Organiser (SENO) a list of SENO’s is available on www.ncse.ie.  A psychological report should be brought to the school.  The report should make a recommendation for the student to be educated within an ASD specific class environment.  Parents should make an arrangement to come to the school to meet the Principal and Class Teachers.  Forms will be sent to the local SENO.  All forms in relation to school transport can be discussed at this meeting.

Our Curriculum

Curriculum: The Primary school curriculum, modified and differentiated is taught in our ASD special Classes.   In the Junior ASD classes Aistear is also followed.

Communication & Language

Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), Lámh Signing, Reading, writing, use of I-PAD.

Literacy Lift-Off

We integrate with the mainstream for literacy lift-off, where we read at our reading ability and develop our literacy and comprehension skills.

Social Skills

Integration with peers throughout the school helps to promote and develop essential social skills such as sharing, turn-taking and greeting people.


This is a pertinent element of our student’s programme, where we work on brushing our teeth, dressing one-self during swimming sessions, washing hands after using the bathroom.

Mathematics:  A huge emphasis is placed on all the strands in Mathematics such as Numeration, Shape and space, Money & Time etc.

Drama: We have a Speech and Drama Teacher who prepares our ASD classes for our Annual Christmas Concert and develop skills in Role-Play, Mime, Improvisation, Speech etc.

Yoga: We have a yoga teacher who specialises in Special Needs, who comes in and works on chanting, breathing and relaxation with our ASD classes.

Swimming:  We walk to our local pool in the Grove Leisure Centre Bandon, where our ASD classes are under the instruction of their instructor Sharon, who teaches them all the essential skills to be a confident swimmer.

Cooking & Baking


Music:  Our ASD classes participate in Music Therapy, we have a music Therapist who comes in to do Music Therapy.

Social Outings:  We go on regular outing to the local park, playground, library, church and we go to restaurants for breakfast or lunch.

Pony Riding:  Our ASD classes go Pony Riding In Bally Langley, Bandon.

ICT: All of our ASD classes have an Interactive white Board and access to I-PAD and Computers.  Each class also has a visualiser.


S.P.H.E. (History, Geography & Science).

Art: All areas of art are covered.

Teaching MethodsEach child has an Individual Education Programme and meetings are held with the parents and multi-disciplinary team on a regular basis. Home school links are encouraged. Whole class teaching as well as individual teaching is used.

Methods include:




Social stories,

Structured play

Role play

Mind-mapping methods

Social Events: The children in our ASD special Classes take part in all kinds of activities and events

These include the following: School Sports Day, GAA, Basketball, Christmas Concert, Tennis, Trick or Treating, School tours, Science trip, Art competitions, Local Library, Walks in the vicinity of the school, Visiting musical performances

Useful Information

School begins at 8.50a.m. and ends at 1.30 p.m The Department of Education & Skills provide transport to and from the school accompanied by a bus escort.