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On the 26th of June there was cause for major celebrations in Scoil Phadraig Naofa when the school raised their 2nd Green Flag! After 2 years of hard work on the theme of Energy the boys got their just rewards. Everyone in the school had been trying hard to cut down on the amount of energy they wasted. Room temperatures were monitored, radiators were turned down and windows were closed! Light detectives were on the watch for opportunities to turn off the lights. We all became very conscious about leaving things on standby. All our efforts paid off when the amount of energy units we used annually were reduced and our energy bills dropped too! What a success!

Robert Wilmot, a past pupil came to help us mark the day. An inspirational local man, who has achieved so much talked to us about working hard and reaching our own goals. The Mayor of Bandon joined us also to help mark this special occasion.

The boys of Scoil Phadraig Naofa are so proud of their 2nd Green Flag but we aren’t going to start slacking on the Green Front- work is already underway as we begin to tackle the 3rd Green School theme of Water

Actions taken by SPN to reduce our energy use and increase awareness of energy include:

  • Keeping windows shut when the radiators are on (in so far as possible as adequate ventilation must be provided for health reasons).
  • Monitoring temperature in classrooms and turning down heat on radiators when the rooms get too hot.
  • Turning off computers, CD players, etc. when not in use.
  • Holding a Low Energy Day in the school
  • SPN also changed their electricity supplier from ESB to Airtricity.
  • Everyday the Energy Action Teams in each class (1st to 6th class) monitors how each class is doing in relation to: - -Keeping doors closed at break times and when there isn't anyone in the room. -Making sure the lights are turned off at break times and when there isn't anyone in the room.

-Keeping windows closed when the heat is on.
-Checking temperatures.
-Turning down thermostats on radiators when the room is too hot.
-Checking that taps are turned off properly.

  • These findings are reported back to all the children and teachers at special Green-Schools meetings in the school

Planting Some Positivity!
Adam O’ Farrell, Mushtaq Musa, Valdas Andrijauskas, Marcel Wydrzynski and Ms. O’ Driscoll braved the elements on the 17 November 2011 to take part in the Green-Schools Woodland Day . Not even the rain could dampen Green-School’s spirits as they headed to Ballinreeshig Nature Farm, Co. Cork. Over 100 students from local Green-Schools braved the elements to gather at the site where they celebrated the success of the Green-Schools programme in Ireland by planting over 100 oak trees. It was an experience that the boys won’t forget! We now understand the phrase “soaked to the skin!” click here for more info of the day

Green School Action Day!
We held our Low/No
Energy day on the 30 November 2011 with great success. Everyone tried hard to conserve energy- we switched the photocopier off, turned off our laptops, made sure to turn off the lights when we didn’t need them and monitored our heating needs. We only used 40 units of electricity during the day which is a saving of 70 units! Our Green School Committee visited all classes to roll out our new Green School Code. Two of our hardest working green schoolers showed all teachers how to turn off their radiators if their room was too hot. Donal who works with the County Council, came to speak to 2 class and the Committee about food wastage, energy and composting! This day highlights all of our efforts as we work towards getting our 2 Green Flag in the new year!

Congratulations to Ms O' Driscoll and all of the Green School Team who have sucessfully won a Green Flag for our School. This fantastic achievement is as result of lots of recycling, composting and energy saving efforts throughout the school. We had our Launch on 30th of April. We were joined by members of the board and Parents Association as well as Mayor of Bandon Gearóid Buckley, Catherine Fitzmaurice, Tidy Towns. We also had the honour of having our own All Ireland Talent Show Star Michael Lawlor who joined in on song with the boys. Click here for more

Scoil Phadraig Naofa's Green School Committee has been taking part in the " Action for Appetite Reduce Rubbish Challenge". As part of this challenge Scoil Phadraig Naofa were given a ready to go school garden. This was awarded to the boys as a result of their hard work reducing school waste, recycling. The Green School Committee also took part in the annual National Spring Clean and was delighted to be part of a community initiative to clean up Bandon.

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