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Promoting Health in Scoil Phádraig Naofa
Here in Scoil Phádraig Naofa we are making a big drive on promoting health in our school. Our theme is based all around respect.
o Respect for our parents and teachers
o Respect for our school mates
o Respect for our environment
o Respect for our school
o Respect for our bodies
All of these can be achieved by being self aware of our actions, whether it is showing acts of kindness to others, recycling, being personally tidy to watching the kinds of food we eat. We encourage healthy eating to strengthen mind and body. We would encourage that lunch boxes are full of healthy foods such as fruit, veg, milk, water etc. We discourage items such as:
" Chocolate
" Sweets
" Chewing gum
" Fizzy drinks
" Crisps
It is very important as a child grows that he/she has a stable diet eating as healthily as possible. This will hugely improve concentration and in turn learning more. It will also improve long term energy levels.
This is not to say that treats should be ruled out. We will still enjoy our parties around festive occasions.
Please do what you can to promote all round respect in our school
Health promotion Co-ordinator,
John O' Callaghan

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