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Official opening of our Early Start Classroom
The 'Voice of Ireland' winner Keith Hanley came to SPN to open the ASD room. After there were refreshments for parents and children a group of 4th class boys played a few tunes on the tin whistle. keith sang his winning song and showed the boys his dance moves and got them to participate in dance offs. The excitement surrounding him was infectious and his enthusiasm for the kids was wonderful.

Our school Tour

Our class photo 2013

Gone out for breakfast in Bandon town.

Making stewed apple.

Doing our craft

On the new exercise bikes in Bandon

Planting in the garden.

Planting in the garden.

Our new ipad

Fancy dress

Information about the new Early Years Classroom for children with ASD.

The Class will be referred to as the ‘Early Years’ Classroom and it has the benefits of being attached to Junior Infants which will make the transition to Junior infants next year more comforting. Class Teacher Jerry Ryan wants to incorporate and establish an inclusive and social model of learning for children with autism. Integration and Inclusion will play a huge role this year and a lot of emphasis will be placed on this. The early years class will be enriched in language and communication. Your child will be given ample of opportunities to socialise, communicate, explore and discover. This class will be structured with plenty of visual supports. Your child will benefit from a small pupil/teacher ratio with support also from the Special Needs Assistants. This class will appeal to your Child’s learning styles whether they are auditory, visual or kinaesthetic learners.

The class will stimulate an interest within your child while also arousing curiosity from within. The class will take a holistic and collaborative approach when facilitaing the learning goals for each child. The classroom has the benefits from being in a mainstream school and the use of ICT (Interactive whiteboard) within the class. Various forms of communication methods can be used and utilised within the classroom, visual support, PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System), LÁMH (signing with words). We will use a combination of teaching strategies and methodologies within the classroom such as the TEACH approach which involves structure, colour coding, working from left to right and also the Montessori Method of Education’s approach which is a Child centred approach. The children will have the benefit of working with concrete and manipulative sensorial materials which will appeal to all their senses. The materials and exercises will grade from the simple forms to the complex and from the concrete to the abstract. Through Drama and role-play we will appeal to your child’s imagination and through circle time and group work whether that is during art and craft time, playing in the playground we will help foster an ethos of sharing, turn-taking, social interaction, social communication and facial expressions.

This class will follow the Aistear Curriculum (The Early Childhood Curriculum Framework) which is used in mainstream junior cycle at SPN while also incorporating the 1999 Revised Primary School Curriculum. Your child will be engaged in subjects like, ICT (Computers), Language and Communication (Circle Time), Mathematics (Counting, Sorting, Matching), Sensorial exercises, Geometry and Algebra (awareness of Shapes and space), Practical Life (Spooning, pouring) exercises that will help develop fine motor skills, Drama, Pre-writing and pre-reading exercises, Culture subjects (S.E.S.E)- History, Geography & Science, Story Time, Arts and Craft, Nature walks, social events and activities, Structured play, Free Choice, Physical Education and Integration with other pupils in the school at break time. This Class also has the benefit of a new playground outside of the early years class for children with autism aged between 3-6 years. The school also incorporated a new multi-sensory room which the early years class for children with autism has the benefit of availing of, this room will be both therapeutic and relaxing.

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