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Recent Events

3rd Class Cooking in St. Brogans
In January and February of this year 3rd class went to St. Brogans cooking on four different days. Mr. Kelly as a past pupil of St. Brogans set this up with one of his past teachers Ms Carmel McSweeney. They cooked under the watchful eye of Ms. McSweeney the Home Economics teacher there. The boys were warmly welcomed into the school by all the teachers and students. The boys had full use of the Home Economic room in St. Brogans which was a fantastic experience for them. They made some wonderful dishes including chocolate chip muffins, chocolate sponge cake and pizza. All parents will be delighted to hear that not only did the boys learn to cook, they also learned to wash up!


As Part of our Science Week, each class performed a number of experiments which were displayed in the hall. all classes got to see eachothers experiments and ask qeustions about them. The boys did an excellent job !
We also had the Rocket Man who demonstrated how to make a balanced rocket. Each boy made one and all were tested out. Check out the pictures. Who knows SPN may have future close links with NASA !!!

Maths Week Ireland 2013 took place from 12th October – 20th October. There were events all over Ireland to promote an awareness, appreciation and understanding of maths and the part it plays in our lives.
We also celebrated Maths Week with ‘Maths for Fun’ for all of the children from first to sixth classes. Representatives from the Science Lab in Cork came to challenge our boys. The children in these classes came to the hall and played a variety of games and problem solving activities. The children took part with great enthusiasm and had great fun! The boys learned that maths spreads much wider than doing sums in their copies!!!


2nd Class in Cake Heaven!

The boys in 2nd Class couldn’t believe their luck when they got the chance to visit Heaven’s Cake. We were met by owner and baker Joe , who along with his wife showed us around the bakery. We were shown how the pastries and cakes were made. They looked delicious! We even got to taste some cakes fresh from the oven- yummy! We really enjoyed our trip and learnt a lot about baking.

2nd class also enjoyed doing some baking of their own! Egged on by Darragh's supply of fresh eggs from his hen, they decided to make waffles! The boys enjoyed making the batter and cooking the waffles in the waffle machine. They enjoyed eating the waffles even more!

Check out the photos >>>>

CRAFTed 2013

During the second term the Fifth Class pupils participated in a very exciting CRAFTed project. Through this type of project The Crafts Council of Ireland aim to increase awareness of craft and design as a strong career choice by actively supporting and fostering the next generation of creative makers. As part of this creative project Michael Ray, a glass artist, worked together with the class to explore visual arts and aspects of the SESE curriculum. In the five weeks before the Easter break the class enjoyed a weekly two hour visit from Michael Ray. The pupils learned about the material glass and the theme of pirates emerged as the concept for the unit of work. During Michael’s visits the class engaged in printing, drawing and clay work. The process included working as a class to invent a story about pirates. Each group drew a picture of one part of the story and then created a clay panel of that picture. A plaster mould of the clay panel was then taken and this plaster mould was filled with glass frit, which Michael fired in his kiln to create the five glass panels. These unique glass panels can now be seen hanging in the staffroom windows. In conjunction with Michael’s visits the class completed a fantastic project on pirates which included researching the Sack of Baltimore in 1631 and also the construction of individual pirate ships. We were delighted to have the opportunity to participate in such an innovative initiative.


The Crocus Project

Fifth Class in Scoil Phádraig Naofa are participating in The Crocus Project in collaboration with the Holocaust Education Trust Ireland. In autumn the Fifth Class pupils planted yellow crocuses in the shape of a star in the school allotment in the nun’s garden. The yellow crocus bulbs are planted in memory of the one and a half million Jewish children and thousands of other children who died in the Holocaust. The yellow flowers recall the yellow Stars of David all Jews were forced to wear under Nazi rule. Children all across Europe are participating in the Crocus Project. In Ireland we hope to see our crocuses blooming at the end of January in time for the international Holocaust Memorial Day (27 January). The topic of World War 2 will be studies as an integrated project in term three when the class will be reading the WW II novel the Silver Sword in class.

The fifth class boys enjoyed a Christmas writing workshop with Miss Murphy, a retired teacher, at the end of November. The boys were thrilled to have Miss Murphy back again. In the writing workshop the children created festive plays in small groups of five. Miss Murphy converted the plays to simple Irish. The children then took to work, learning the scripts, sourcing props and acting them out. Fifth Class recently put on the play for the parents and classes. Thanks so much to Miss Murphy for giving of her talents and time so willingly. It was a great exercise for the promotion of Irish and for building self confidence in our pupils.

4th Class visited Martin Careys Butchers on South Main street as part of Science week. Having studied what animals produce our various meats, we were shown each type in his beautiful shop. We were welcomed by staff, hatted and gowned up to enter the back where the meat is prepared. There Martin showed us how they make their sausages and the ingredients they use. We got to sample some freshly made and cooked pork sausages. He also gave each child a big bag of sausages abd vouchers to take home. It was a really interesting visit and the boys were thrilled. Click here for more photos.

Paul Ryan came to visit the school for his second time. He is a par athlete with hopes to represent Ireland in the 2016 Rio paralympics in sailing. He came to show the boys how to play wheelchair basketball. So everyboy in the school got a taste of playing sport in a wheelchair. more>>>

Congratulations to our Football team on winning the Sciath na Scol Final
for more details click here


Trip to Bandon Mart 2012

Sciath na Scol Champions
Scoil Phádraig Naofa Bandon beat Cloyne in the football Sciath na Scol final in Páirc Uí Rinn on November 24th. Cloyne opened the scoring with a free after a minute. However the rest of the half belonged to the Bandon side with the inside line of Ellis Asemota and Ioan Madalin causing havoc for the Cloyne rearguard. Ellis scored the first goal after a good pass from Niall Daly.Ellis then followed this up with a point before Ioan Madalin got a similar score. At half time it was 1-2 to 0-1.
Ellis Asemota started the second half with a superb point and Madalin finished off a superb Dylan O' Callaghan pass for another goal. Cloyne tried their upmost to come back but superb defending by Dominic Hurley, Ben O' Connor, Ben Donegan, Dylan O' Donovan and Conor O' Driscoll kept them at bay. With five minutes to go Cloyne got a goal back but a superb Gary O' Shea block denied them another certain goal. Team captain, Mathew El Sonbokhty, who played very well throughout, gratefully accepted the cup on behalf of a delighted Bandon side. Scorers: E Asemota 1-2, I Madelin 1-1. Team: S Smigelski, B O Connor, D Hurley, D O’Donovan, B Donegan, C O’Driscoll, M Elsonbokhty, N Daly, G O’Shea, D O’Callaghan, I Madalin, E Asemota, Z Nagy, C Fitzpatrick, R Fitzgerald, E Robinson, C Nnaemeka, C Burke, C Kelleher, D O’Flynn.

Chess Club
Scoil Phádraig Naofa has gone chess mad this term! Over 100 boys are participating, during their lunch breaks, in chess tournaments from 1 to 6 class. Any boy who was interested in learning chess was taught by Brenda Nyhan and Anne Caher. We are grateful for the assistance of Mr. Eoin O’Leary of Hamilton High School, who gave the teachers tips on how to set up a chess league. Transition year pupils, Aidan Fitzgerald, Ciaran Broderick, Niall Murray, Alec Chmiel and Roland Korom also assisted in monitoring the games during their week long work placement.

Listowel Writers Week competition
A group of 4th class boys took part in this competition in which they had to write a story in their own words to a maximum of 500 words. Some of these stories are excellent and we look forward to hearing the results. Well done boys!!!
click here to find out more about this festival
. http://writersweek.ie/

These 3rd Class boys created a 3D model of the titanic. They did a lot of research about the Titanic. They made the Titanic out of old card board boxes. They used lots of different materials like egg boxes, toilet rolls and aero board. Well done boys!

4th Class held a debate about wheter the Titanic should be raised or not!! What do you think????

Irish Dancing

The Boys of Scoil Phádraig Naofa participated in Irish dance classes during the past term. Teacher Helen Healy taught the basic steps in Irish Dancing and Barn Dance to 1st , 2nd, 3rd and 4th classes for 4 weeks in October and to Junior , Senior, 5th and 6th classes for 3 weeks in November. All the boys enjoyed the activity and it was a wonderful opportunity for them to experience an important part of traditional Irish culture.

Molly called to visit!!!!
On Monday 8th and Tuesday 9th November last we had a wonderful visit from Dogs Trust Ireland. Liadh Fitzgerald and her dog Molly (pictured left) came and gave a wonerful presentation of how we should care for and treat our pets. They called to all classrooms over the two days and really had the boys engaged in the workshop. For more information about the Dogs Trust follow this link


Jubilate Flower Festival
In October, the school was invited, along with others in the parish and community, to participate in the "Jubilate" flower festival in St Patrick's Church. The purpose of this event was to raise funds for the restoration of the church organ. Our theme was
"Praise God for Autumn" and we had to create a display that portrayed this.
Parent, Jo Twomey co-ordinated the project with the help of Catherine Quinn and some 4th Class boys. Mr O' Callaghan surrendered a pair of his wellies to be filled with concrete for the scarecrow! Junior classes painted corn sheaves, others made hedgehogs and mice and painted toadstools. Colourful leaves and various baked products were sourced as the finishing touches.
The final display was a sight to behold along with all the other displays in the church helped to contribute to a wholly successful community/parish initiative

In November The Graffiti Theatre Company visited 5th and 6th class to do the Kindertransport Drama. This drama involved huge preparation and research by the boys. They studied World War II in depth and especially researched the Kindertransport Operation. This was a train that delivered Jewish children from Poland, Czechoslovakia, Germany and Austria to Great Britain. The children were placed in British foster homes, hostels, and farms. Often times the children would never see their parents again. The boys acted as the children on board the train and they encountered many challenges on their journey. It proved to be quite an emotional experience and the boys definitely got into the role of the Jewish children. It was such a worthwhile experience and very much enjoyed by the children.
For more info check out these sites

Greenwave Project.
First class are keeping a close eye on nature by participating in the Greenwave project. This project requires the boys to spot the signs of the various seasons. Following a walk in the Nun's Garden in October, the boys were able to see first- hand the signs of Autumn all around them. The project also encourages pupils to log changes in wind direction and temperature.
check out
http://www.greenwave.ie/ for more info.

Photography Competition.
Congratulations to Maksymilian Lipinski, first class, who was awarded first place in the Welcome Inn Threshing Festival photography competition. Max captured a butterfly landing on a hydrangea plant during a walk in the Nun’s Garden. All of first class participated in this competition and the following boys were highly commended: Adam Kowal, Ronan Doyle-O’Donovan, David Szabo, Diarmuid O’Driscoll, Cullen Raymond and Aaron O’Mahony . We are grateful to Cullen Raymond and his grandfather, well-known local photographer, Martin Quirke, for loaning the class a camera. The boys really enjoyed having the opportunity to capture some beautiful images.

A number 3rd class boys recreated the story of The Three Little pigs by making the figures from clay and constructing 3 houses. They pu a show on for all of the classes dramatising the story in their own words. With the help of Ms Cremin the took 185 photos and placed them in movie maker to produce the 30 second clip on our left. Well done boys, Great work!!!

The lengths we go to at Scoil Phádraig Naofa to get to school.....
During our recent cold snap driving contitions were extremely dangerous so some staff found alternative transport to school!!!


School Game Playing Day
SPN boys took part in the 2010 School Game Playing Day on Friday 22nd October. We had lots of fun on the day where we raised funds making a valuable contribution to our school. For more info visit

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