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School Garden

School Activities

Welcome to our School Garden

30th March: We got a plot of ground from the convent next door. It needed to be dug up!

We picked any big stones and weeds

We added some compost and raked it in.

We also added some artificial fertilizer. It contained nitrogen, potassium and potash.

We raked it all in evenly

Great Days Work!!!

We measured the plot to see how much space we have. It was 5 metres x 4 metres (20sqm).

19th April: Timmy came in to help us set vegetables. He first cut the potatoes in two making sure there is a sprout on each half.

We then dug a trench to put the seed potatoes into.

The seed potatoes were then placed about 20cm apart. The varieties are British Queens and Kerrs Pink.

We covered over the the seeds to make two drills of potatoes.

We planted some cabbage plants in another drill.

We also set some lettuce plants

We also set some lettuce seed. This will take longer to grow than the plants.

We also set some carrot seed in the seed bed.

20 April: We got more vegetables!

  • brocolli
  • cauliflower
  • brussel sprouts
  • onions
  • turnips
  • parsnips
  • rhubarb
  • strawberries

And done more planting.

We planted 3 small drills of brocolli, cauliflower and brussel sprouts

We had to water the plants.

A bed of onions ....

...more lettuce...

...some peas...

Our garden is getting pretty full now !!

What a lovely garden!!!

9 May: We had a check-up on our outside garden...

...and our inside garden!

Also have a look on our tomato plant!

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I read the booklet posted to us and I learned a lot. For example, it takes 2 week for the seed to germinate. When planting lettuce you should never put the seed at the bottom as if you do it will not grow as big as it should. You should always plant 2 turnip seeds together just in case one does not germinate an you should always water the soil before you plant it and top it up with more soil after planting. I will then take 5 days for the roots to develop. When they are half grown, weed out the weakest extra plants so the strongest get more space to grow.

by Dominic Quinlan
4th Class

25 May: Our sunflower race is going very good. Every class has aa sunflower grown. Here are the sunflower height up to date:

Jnr.Infants: 4cm Snr. Infants: 26cm 1st class: 14cm 2nd class: 17cm 3rd class 6cm 4th class: 38cm Ms. Twomey: 18cm

So far 4th class is winning!

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